Breast Lift

Breast lift  is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of sagging or ptotic breasts (pick them back up).  The technical name for the procedure is mastopexy.  The goal of surgery is to improve the shape of the breast while minimizing visible scars.

The Method(s)
Many procedures and many modifications of the mastopexy have been suggested.  The size and shape of your breasts, size of your areolas, and the extent of sagging are amongst the main factors considered by Dr. Bates when determining the best mastoplexy technique to use.  Variations of breast lift surgery are derived from the number and length of incisions needed.

The Binelli is also called a donut or circle mastopexy and excises skin from around the areola resulting in a circular scare that follows the natural edge of the areola.

The vertical scar or lollipop lift results in a scar similar to the donut mastopexy with the addition of a vertical line that also extends from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease.  This technique allows for the excision of more skin which may be needed in women who have lost a great deal of breast tissue and have significant skin excess at the bottom of the breast.

The mastopexy often referred to as a full lift results in an anchor-shaped or inverted-T scar.  This procedure allows for the excision or removal of the most excess skin.  This mastopexy is the one most often needed after weight-loss surgery.

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate is a healthy woman with realistic expectations who has either (1) drooping/sagging breasts of satisfactory size or (2) sagging breasts which have lost substance or firmness.   If there is lost substance, then the woman may also require an augmentation mammoplasty.

Surgery and Anesthesia
Dr. Bates will perform your breast lift surgery in a fully-accredited surgery center or in a hospital outpatient facility. Breast lift surgery can be performed in one to three hours with general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep through the entire operation.

You will wear a surgical bra over gauze dressings after surgery.  Mild discomfort is not abnormal for two to seven days following the surgery which can be managed by prescribed pain medication.  Most breast lift patients resume normal activities within one to two weeks following surgery, but are recommended to avoid strenuous sports for about one month. Complete recovery instructions and information will be provided to you by the office, prior to surgery, after your surgery, as well as during your post operative visits.

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